Firefox 2 Session Restore

I have to say that i am very positively surprised by the new firefox – i just cant get enough out of the Session Restore feature, as well as from the dictionary feature. Having had some crashes over the last days, i am not worrying anymore about finding those sites i was browsing at that moment, as well as when i go home, i dont need to bookmark everything in a temporary folder, i just switch my computer off, and when i get back early in the morning, i will simply continue at the places where i have stopped yesterday.

There are a lot of voices around, blaming mozilla for a poor release, let me not agree with them. I think that at least those 2 features (Session Restore and Dictionary) are already deserving enough publicity. What on earth of groundbreaking and new have Internet Explorer 7 brought to the users ? Which feature that we have not seen in other browsers, which standards are supported, that are not in the most other browsers on the market, yet everyone is so pleased with it, just because microsoft finally started fixing the bugs. Yet Mozilla releases a browsers with several new useful features and it is blamed to be nothing more then publicity.

Then we have voices around saying something like “how could a modern browser not pass an ACID2 test?”, forgetting that only a few browsers on the market already are (Opera, Safari among others). We have to wait just something like 9-10 months for a new release which as was promised will pass the test. Its aint nothing in compare to those 5 years, passed since the last release of Internet Explorer…

Yeah, I am ranting … =O)

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