Going strict (doctype)

Lately, all over the net, there were written so many articles about doctypes, i have even joined some comentaries to some of the discussions. I have no doubt, if its possible, then one should try and implement sctrict doctype, no matter if its Html or xHtml – a bettrer standartisation will be possible, only if we will set some good examples. There are moments, especially when using some javascript library, when complete compatibility with strict doctypes is impossible, but with every day, the number of such solutions is getting lower and lower, so i think that there are not too many excuses now for ignoring the fact, that transitional doctype was suggested only as a temporary _transitional_ solution.

So after this thought i have decided to adopt strict doctypes in all those projects that i am implementing at this moment, including a new design for this very site, which right now is scheduled for late december.

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