Month of IE

Now it is the time to start the adoptation of the IE7, good or bad, true or false, we have the announcement that it should arrive this month, October, via updates to the millions of the computres with Windows XP SP2. If this anouncement is true, then starting from November the 7th Explorer is going to be a serious issue to consider, when creating a website.

Microsoft has given us enough time and information to begin the transition, so there are not much excuses, so lets get it started. I have allready started changing several things for adopting the “hacks” to be separated and included as an external IE conditioned stylesheet. I know that some of the work i did before, especially one site that i made at the beginning of the year, is going to have troubles displaying correctly in IE7 without some serious adoptations.

I have to confess that i am pretty excited about the fact, that finally some changes are going to happend, as well as to see the process of the conversion from the IE6 (to firefox, opera and IE7, i hope). So for me it is for sure going to be the month of adopting the websites to be compatible with Internet Explorer 7.

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