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About 1 month later then expected, here are the results of the research… First of all – seeing Austrian’s pages after the Spanish is not the most pleasant thing which can be done. Having set my expectations extremly high for the Austrian’s municipalities i was quite disappointed with the most of them, though at least one of the pages was quite up to the expectations.

  • Frames in Austria are as good as dead (and its a good thing) – the only site to use them is Burgenland, which represents about 11.1%.
  • The same number of sites (1 – 11.1%) is using a table-less design and its not much, i have to say
  • Carinthia’s site is the only one which does not use any doctype at all, and its pretty much against the vast majority (88.9%) of the rest of Austria
  • Only 1 site (11.1%) has a valid HTML, and its too few. Too few, to be considered something as a tendention in the governmental sites
  • 2 sites (22.2%) have a valid css and once again it is a very low numbers, for such an advanced country as an Austria
  • The screen resolution 1024×768 is something, that should not be required at the governmental sites, and the percentage 44.4% is way to high, thinking about the number of the users with a laptop
  • Just a couple of sites have a fav icon which represents about 44.4%
  • Just a three sites (33.3%) have some other language(english) integrated, and though the number i expected was much higher, its not that bad as it seems from the first sight
  • Web acessability has a relatively small percentage (about 33.3%), though i have to say, that i was very positively surprised with Vienna’s implementation of the priority 2 of the WCAG

The max percentage for the municipality in Austria is about 91.6%, which is very close to the maximum percentage, which one of the finest Spain municipalities has obtained (96.7%). The minimum of the 10.9% is again lower then the spanish(15.8%) but again higher then the portuguese(0%).

As the Portwatch own page is still under construction, i have joined the final result with the Portwatch page.

Results Austria

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