A long month

It has been a very long month … With a lot of changes – climate, working place, MMORPG, attitude and even the job.

I would even say that the most changes are for better – as the weather made a big step into the direction of the summer, my new job is going to give me a new oportunity to produce something useful without spending hours, programming “paging” mechanisms and maybe even i will have a right to write the name of the organization where i am going to work =O).

I have to acknowledge the oportunity that the firm where i am still working (for 6 more days). I have learned a lot of good people, i have worked in some interesting projects and i have gained an important experience, but my time has come – and its time to move to the “higher ground”. There are a lot of problems to be battled with this year for them, but there are a lot of solutions around.

Reflecting on the past years of my career, i am starting to understand, that in my work i have went away from the open source to the proprietary solutions, moving from Java to .Net. I cant say that i do not like it, nor that i like it – its just the way it is. Knowing my dislike for the attitudes and polititcs of the Microsoft, i found myself working with their software more and more at the job, and less and less at home (i even dream of buying my first Mac this year). Not only at the programming field i am moving from open to close, as i see my career by now, i have passed from working in a very small firm, to a bigger and bigger ones, by this very moment i am going to move to the biggest informatic solution provider on the portuguese market. With all this things i am starting to ask myself – am i going to end working for microsoft one day ? … hehe =O)

One thought on “A long month

  1. LittleSparta

    Mamamia!ho guardato per curiosità tuo blog e sono stupita perchè iscrivi in englese….quindi devo io cominciar a iscrivir in italiano?Dear friend, verry glad that we can have this intercultural experience in our lifes, me here in Italy and you in my own country….I really desired having the paision you have for Mac, cause at home, very soon, unfortunetly, Im going to have only that solutiuon!!!A change in life is always wellcome, not only because there are new things to learn, but also because we became more “strong” in the sense the we have to make more efford to “survive”!baci mille Rute

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