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This year i have started testing different CMS‘s, but what i have seen until this moment, have not satisfied me much. Having digged into the code of the various sites across the net, and having been used some corporate CMS i have to say, that none of them were close enough to convince me of using them for the Portwatch. I think there are a lot of the CMS developers, who have no idea for what and for whom they are writing and creating the software.

Yes i am going to expand the PortWatch a little bit – with its own site, and as i am inviting various people to work with me together, i think that this project may even have some kind of a future =O)

From those which i have recently seen:

  • Joomla seems to be bound to the tables-design, and its a big pity, cause many of the Joomla’s features are attracting me
  • Plone – more options are available here and since its a python-based CMS it should be possible to use almost anywhere with almost any reasonable hosting provider
  • OpenCMS is java-based and hence i cannot use with my current hosting provider
  • All those Nukes(PhpNuke or even .NetNuke) seem to have a lot of “Nuke” problems with the security
  • All blog-based CM systems like WordPress or Textpattern do not impress me much with their capabilities for this purpose.

From all this things i think i am going to go for Plone, as it would be pretty ignorant and arrogant to be writing about the standards while using a system which does not implement them =O). Currently i have a small list of the CMS, that i would like to investigate in my free time, there are a lot of systems, and maybe one of them is the one, which i am looking for ? Maybe Xaraya ? =O)

p.s.: This site has a lot of info available about the more then hundred available CMS

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