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Finally, after some days i have come to finallize the results of the research. First i should say that i was quite surprised. I have not expected, that there are so many advanced regional governments in Spain. It is a pleasure to surf on such sites as Galicia or Catalonia. I am really impressed, maybe because the municipalaties i have seen before has never shown big dedication to their internet representation.

The results are speaking for themself:

  • Frames in Spain are in declain – and only 3 sites are using them (15.8%), but i think there should be even less then this number.
  • Positive surprise 7 sites are using table-less designs (36.9%)
  • 10 government sites are using doctypes – thats more then a half (52.6%), and its a positive number
  • 3 sites (15.8%) have valid HTML, and thats a good start, and i am confident that this number will grow in the next years, anyway i was expecting much lower results.
  • Only 4 sites (21.0%) have a valid css, but there is a big number of the sites, which have to do minor changes to pass the validation
  • Only Extremaduras site optimized for the 1024×768 resolution, and knowing that this is one of the poorest regions in Spain, i have to say, that this is the thing that they have to change. All others have less strict requirements to the resolution, which is how it should be done.
  • A reasonable number of sites – 11 (thats a 57.9%) have the idea about using the icons on the net
  • In a country, where more then 1 variation of the language is spoken, i was expecting more then 6 sites (31.6%) having support for at least 1 more language

The max percentage for the municipality in Portugal is 27.7%, when in Spain it has reached 96.7% and the min percentage was 15.8%, which is quite a value for the portuguese municipalities, thinking that the min in Portugal was 0%.

The final results are applied to the beginning of the Portwatch page.

Results Spain

What about the future – what are the next steps ?

The answer is simple – continuing with the other european countries, but i am also going to do a reality check, by totally revising the current portwatch system verifying its sanity. I am aint no interested in creating a scale which does not represent anything. =O)

Also i am going to give this project a proper site and as i am considering inviting some people to help me with it, i think portwatch deserves its own subdomain or even a domain, we will see.

And as for the rest – the next targets are Austria and Germany.

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