New Scriptaculous 1.5.2

I have to confess that i am starting to enjoy more and more the job, that Thomas Fuchs is doing. The newest version has finally answered my prayers by introducing the queue effects limit ( an effect attribute parameter “limit” ), auto-scrolling option for Draggables and Sortables, and among other things, all programmers favourite “bug fixes”.

The queue limit has finally helped me solving a problem for a website i am doing right now, as i have allready thought about submitting this request, cause my need to limit the number of the effects being executed at the same time was so big, and the available time is so small, that i was allready imagining myself implementing this functionality, and then explaining it to the others involved into this project. Right now all i have to do, is to update the library – fantastic ! =O)

I hope that such new functionality as a : making a pause during the effects, dragging multiple items, effects applied to the multiple items, as well as a better and more complete documentation will be implemented and/or included in the future ( 2.0 or maybe 3.0 ) versions. Having tested a lot of the available javascript effects libraries, i have to say that for me scriptaculous has definitely found a place in my arsenal of the web tools.

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