Blind Target

As it was written by Derek, Molly, and a lot of others – there is a new law suit, by U.S. National Federation of the Blind (NFB) against a major american company – The target. As always, the opinions over the web are very divided, but as for me, i am sticking to those, who believe, that it is a good thing. It’s time for those, who ignore the standards, to start learning them, even if it means by this way.

Having some friends with disabilities, i know what it takes for them, to have a normal access to those things, which the most of us, using without thinking if its a gift or not. Once, i have even dedicated myself to some kind of the research, connected with the disabilities – i have seen a lot of not working elevators on the train platforms with a lot of stairs, ramps with such degrees, that i had fallen from the willchair while trying to convince 2 friends, that those ramps are ok, “accessable” buses with no adaptable entrances, and a lot of stupid people around, ignoring the basic needs of those, whom they might become, if they would have just less luck.

So if the big enterprises are ignorant, i see no problem of the people with the special needs, taking advantage of them. Really, dont get me wrong, i find such law suits as a “McDonald Hot Coffee”, as completely ridiculous, but when it is about the basic rights of those, who close to us – i dont feel a lot of pitty. Especially, when somebody was warned and asked for whole 9 month. No i am not talking about a poor little store, but about the company, whos name is a reference and who’s earning should have easily allowed them using the accessability standards.

Counting, that the is “powering” the Target’s site, i have to say, i would love to see both of them recognized as the responsibles, because for me – they are. I hope to see this thing spreading a little bit across the web, to see the people demanding a better sites and in the end effect seeing more quality work over the net.

p.s. and as it seems, that they have fixed some things over the night, it is allready producing a good effect and prooving, that they are capable of doing a good job, so i hope this law suit will help them to finish the job fast … as fast as it possible =O)

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