And THEN …

The life of the vast number of human beings is marked by the principle “… and THEN …”
Yes, that is correct – the word then is written in capital letters with an emphasis, because that is how it is designed, thought and definitely pronounced by its hosts/carriers.

I will present just 2 small types of this “design thinking” paradigm, but it is not implied that those types are limited, because certainly any reader of this blog will be able to come with a couple of other examples.

And THEN … 1:
– I will not share my thoughts/knowledge, because first I need to make sure that I will get rewarded and THEN …
– I won’t publish my blog post/video/drawing, because no gatekeeper have selected and approved my content. When some music producer/book editor/tech specialist will promote me and make sure I am famous and THEN … (I will start creating the real art).
– Before I stretch my hand, even though others might be in a dire need of it… (I need to make sure that I will get it back safe) and THEN …
– First I need to finish that presentation and THEN … in [X] months (never happens)

And THEN … 2:
– I need to make 10K/100K/1000M (insert currency) in order to feel safe and THEN … (I will do something good for the society and for the needful)
– Even though I am working for a company who is expecting me to deliver me my very best, first I need to get promoted to position [X] and THEN … (I will do the magic I am capable of)
– I need to become a Boss/Leader/CEO-Approved Chief/Architect in order to lead people and THEN … (Yeah an extra-item is for those believing that leading = being boss)

And THEN … is a disease.
It is an artificially created conditioning that prevents people from delivering their best. It is indeed a major fear-based egoistic structure that prevents so many amazing things to take place.
No “gate keeper” will ever come to pick you – all those places are already taken.
Nobody will discover or designate you unless you will do it yourself.
The only person who can pick you up is yourself.
With no excuses.

“Great creative minds think like artists and work like accountants” (David Brooks)
or rephrasing the great Daft Punk “Technologic”:
“Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it, drag it, drop it, zip, unzip it” into
Try it, make it, show it, ship it, Shape it, publish, ship, release it!” :)

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