Delivering a precon on Columnstore Indexes at SQLSaturday Israel 2020


This week seems like a line of announcements, but mostly because they have been in works hidden for quite some time – on the 6th of May in the wonderful city of Ra’anana in Israel inside the Microsoft Offices I shall deliver another Columnstore Indexes workshop.

The topic is my Columnstore Indexes: Practical Solutions & Techniques – the precon I have been delivering for some conferences in the past 2 years in Europe, where besides a nod to each of the available SQL Server versions (2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019 and the Azure SQLDB) and besides diving deeply into the Batch Mode, I will show some new stuff, that so far I have not shown anywhere yet. With growing number of exclusive features of Columnstore Indexes for Azure Synapse Analytics, I am definitely will be talking about them as well.
There are some new materials, even post-SQLSaturday Vienna coming on my blog before and after the 6th of May and I will do my best to include some of the newest bits into the workshop. :)

If you are working with Columnstore Indexes – please join me in this whole day practical dive into the world of the Columnstore Indexes. No matter – on premises, IaaS or PaaS services, working with millions of rows and without Columnstore Indexes while aggregating and processing high amounts of information are virtually impossible without the help of the Columnstore Indexes.

Sign up now for Columnstore Indexes: Practical Solutions & Techniques at SQLSaturday Israel, besides naturally taking part in the main event on the next day, the 6th of May 2020.

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