Workshop for SQLSaturday Lisbon 2019: Kubernetes with David Barbarin

As I already announced a couple of days ago in SQLSaturday Portugal: Lisbon 2019, we are running a new edition of SQL Saturday Lisbon on 30th of November in Lisbon and besides welcoming everyone to register and to submit a session and/or a workshop (we have already silently received 42 submissions :)), I would like to announce today that the first workshop for SQLSaturday Lisbon 2019 is already Live!

We are very lucky to have David Barbarin back to SQLSaturday Lisbon and this time bringing one of the hottest topics right now in the industry – the Sql Server on Kubernetes, where besides learning the stateless Kubernetes the attendees will have an opportunity to learn how to keep the data persistent and how to deal with the High Availability Scenarios on Kubernetes! This is a truly unique opportunity to learn from a specialist focusing for ages on the high availability, and just by looking at his blog one can easily grasp the technical depth of the knowledge that David is possessing and sharing.

Containers offer significant value to align with modern businesses objectives including increased agility and fast application deployments. Over this last decade, Kubernetes has probably become the leader for microservices deployment and containerized application orchestration. In this session, we will start with container and Kubernetes architecture basics. Then we will dig into important components of Kubernetes including pods, scheduling, controllers, network, security and data persistence. At the end of the session, you will get a good picture of how to interact with a Kubernetes cluster, how to deploy applications including SQL Server instances and the basics about Kubernetes administration.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Introducing container & Kubernetes components
  • Installing Kubernetes
  • Interacting with a Kubernetes cluster
  • Introducing Kubernetes network and network policies
  • Deploying applications in Kubernetes
  • Connecting to applications with services
  • Deploying SQL Server and dealing with data persistence in Kubernetes
  • Dealing with SQL Server High Availability scenarios in Kubernetes

David is based in France and has worked with SQL Server since the version 7 with a special focus on high availability and performance.
In addition to his MCM certification, David is also a Data platform MVP since 2010.

Register now for Sql Server on Kubernetes with David Barbarin!

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