Columnstore Precon at SQLSaturday Madrid 2018

I am very honoured to share that I will be presenting a full day workshop at SQLSaturday Madrid 2018. The title of my workshop is set to “Optimised Analytics: Tune your Data Warehouse with Columnstore Indexes” and here is the full description:

Learn Columnstore Indexes in just 1 day starting with basics of the structure and stepping into the internal details, learning how to load data into them and finishing with advanced concepts of Batch Mode processing and performance tuning.

Microsoft added first implementation for the Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server 2012 with Nonclustered Columnstore, and SQL Server 2014 brought us updatable Clustered Columnstore Indexes, while SQL Server 2016 has added 2 new areas with the updatable Nonclustered Columnstore Indexes – Operational Analytics and Operational Analytics InMemory. The little (but still incredibly important details) in SQL Server 2017 made Columnstore Indexes a definitive default for Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence solutions, and given the current announcements some of the best things are still to come! Improve your Data Warehouse by implementing and optimising Columnstore Indexes that can bring you the new era of performance.

This training day is all about differences in implementations, their advantages and limitations and how to get the best out of the all types and incarnations of the Columnstore Indexes.

Sign up now, until it is too late!
(By that time you will have an idea what I meant under celebrating 5 years of Columnstore Blog Posts)

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