Tuga IT 2018 Summer Edition Workshops

As previously blogged in Announcing Tuga IT 2018 Summer Edition, is almost there and we have already revealed the 4 incredible workshops that we are hosting as part of our event between 19th and 21st of July. We shall host 2 workshops on Thursday and 2 workshops on Friday, while the regular sessions will take place on Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

The workshops are targeting Data Platform (Distributed & Relational), Development & Cloud, with speakers ranging from MVPs (Cassandra & Microsoft) to MCT, from Engineering Manager to Database Wizard (yeah, this description is applied by me to one of the speakers). Naturally their titles and descriptions can look as obscure and specific, but trust us – we did our very best in order to select the very best possible content out of the big number of workshops proposals that we have received. We know that those people are capable to deliver a first-class unique experience that we want Tuga It to deliver.

19th of July

Insight-based Administration for Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database

– por Lonny Niederstadt (Database Wizard @ Epic.com)

This workshop will include the following modules.
Inventory & Compliance Checking
Monitoring & Alerting
Workload Profiling
Capacity Planning
Resource Governor
Incident Response

Git + GitHub = Awesomeness – por Nuno Caneco

(Engineering Manager na Farfetch)
In this workshop, delivered by Nuno Caneco, Engineering Manager at Farfetch, we will see how to use git and GitHub to support your team, version your code and help you automate regular tasks. Topic covered:

Feature branching using git: tips and tricks from the trenches
Choosing a flow: Git Flow vs GitHub flow
Managing backlog using GitHub Issues and Projects
Using Pull Requests to review code
Support for semantic versioning: how to automate it?

20th of July

Cassandra Workshop – por Carlos Rolo

(Cassandra MVP @ Pythian)

Topics Covered:
1) Introduction and Basics (2h30)
What is Cassandra
Cassandra Use Cases
Installing a Single Node
Clustering Cassandra
EXTRA: Adding/Managing multi-datacenters

2) Data modeling and building an application (2h30)
Cassandra Data Modeling
Building your first Application
CCM (How to test localy)
EXTRA: Chaging data Models (Cassandra ETL)

3) Cassandra administration (2h30)
Nodetool usage
How to Monitor
Cassandra and Automation
Break and Fix
EXTRA: Cassandra and Docker

I Find Your Lack of Azure Disturbing – por Tiago Costa

(Microsoft Certified Trainer e Microsoft MVP)

Topics covered:
Introduction to Microsoft Azure
Azure Portal
Cloud Shell
ARM Templates
PowerShell vs CL
Azure AD
Virtual Networks
Virtual Machines
Azure Storage
Azure App Services
Architecture Best Practices

Sign up for those incredible workshops now and join us @ Tuga IT 2018 Summer Edition!

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