Speaking at PASS Summit 2018

Happy to share that I won a kind of a lottery by getting selected to speak at the biggest Microsoft Data Platform events – the PASS Summit 2018.

My session Columnstore Clustered vs Nonclustered, When to Choose What was selected for the official program and I am happy to contribute to the global community with another presentation. I am always extremely excited about the PASS Summit and even I have had sessions or lightning talks getting picked since 2011 every year, I am still a kind of anxious to know if the organisers and volunteers responsible for the content selection still find the value in the things that I am researching and presenting.

The very much updated & extended (75 Minutes) version of my presentation will include some scripts that I will make public, besides obviously more stuff and I expect the public CTP of the SQL Server vNext to be available, and so I might be able to include it in my presentation as well. Otherwise, expect the unexpected – I am hoping to modify my presentation in order for the people who have seen it to have a thought that there might be something valuable to attend it. :)

I am also happy to see many great other speakers, while it seems to me that a lower level of deepness is generally preferred (this is definitively speculative since I did not do any statistics, and not all sessions are published). As a highlight of course, I am pointing to my friend & colleague Gabi Muenster who has her own session (alone!) at the PASS Summit “Azure Analysis Services or PowerBI – Which service fits you best?

Join us at the PASS Summit 2018 on Nov 6-9 in Seattle!

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