SQLSaturday Portugal: Lisbon 2018 new date (22nd of September)

I have taken over the SQLSaturday Lisbon and the new date is 22nd of September 2018.
Do not worry, the event is in the good hands, I have organised the first international SQLSaturday outside of the Northern America and was running it for a couple of years – before handling it over to people I considered more capable then myself.
The new SQLSaturday will not be a Business Intelligence – only focused one, and there will be no CRM content (unless we change our mind). The Dynamics 365 Saturday will take place on 17th of March and we (TUGA Association) indeed support them.
Leaving no strings attached I am going to change the default flow of the event and for the best or for the worst we shall finally implement a couple of old and new ideas.

Keeping expectations low, the content selection will be very rigorous and only real fresh and original content will be accepted.
Go on and submit content until the 10th of July!

I will let you inspired with good old video from my good friend Paulo Benittes:

By the way, did you know that a lot of people in Lisbon consider September to be the finest Month of the year? :)

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