The Social Food

Food is a pretty much social thing. Yes, the food itself.

Since the beginning of time, the big meal with the family/tribe was the highlight of a successful birth/baptism/searching/hunting/battle. In the history, for the matter of the fact, almost any celebration requires social eating/drinking.
Even the celebration the life of someone/or mourning their death requires a good meal.

When we have to share something with someone, one of the best ways to do it is to share during a meal – maybe because this is one of the most frequent things we do in life – consuming the food. Life requires consumption of the food and it can not carry on without it. A pleasant meal might ease the delivery of otherwise less-pleasant news or give an extra-boost for celebrating some achievement.

Rather few people enjoy eating alone. There are people that do enjoy eating in silence, but those would share the meal with others if the silence would be kept by everyone (In the modern society this is rather an almost extreme exception that in an hour no phone will start sending signals).

We do not enjoy even a great meal shared with the people we do not like. Even when the meal itself is not being properly shared with them, but when we just have an unpleasant person on the other side of the table. Countless times, for me, the meal tasted/felt much better than it actually was, just because I had a great company. It is the SOCIAL part that makes food taste better for me.

A person I hold in the greatest esteem, a long time ago (almost 2 decades ago, for the matter of a fact), once told us (a group of youngsters) about the importance of the good meal … And the time one should take time for it. Taking time for the prayer/meditation/thinking is an essential part of the human culture, nature and the history. Unless one is working to become a monk in a retreat, a social meal will make part of your hopefully daily routine.

The modern “culture” crashes those habits, making people eat at their working places in a great haste, not sharing their meals, not giving the much needed time to reset/reboot/reconnect with the real world.
The only possible solution is to force/insist on those breaks and to pull those breaks through.

Oh, and taking pictures of your food and posting it online is not a social thing – this is typically an egocentric manipulation of the others, trying to prove them how wonderful your life is. Social is enjoying together, discussing something special, sharing a story or even celebrating together … with someone you love.

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