CloudProPT – The New Cloud/Azure Community in Portugal

I am so happy to share the news that as of today, the new community CloudProPT (as in Cloud for Portugal) is born. This new community will focus on the Cloud and on Microsoft Azure in particular.

This new community is being lead by Andr̩ Vala with the likes of Ricardo Costa, Pedro Vala, Tiago Costa and yours truly being the co-founders and supporters of this initiative. I am absolutely convinced that this is the community that was missing for so many years from the portuguese market and given that Andr̩ Vala will be a truly great leader and the co-founders are really focusing on giving our local countrymen the content that is missing РI have no doubts about its success.

And the first ever event is already set for the 8th of February at Microsoft Portugal, with expected a great support from Microsoft Portugal DX (we shall have Jason Nadal opening the community).

Join us and discover the Cloud technology from the angles you could never imagine!

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