Tuga IT 2016 – Registrations are open

File6The registrations for Tuga IT 2016 are finally open: http://tugait2016.eventbrite.com, hurry up cause we are starting to promote it very heavily right now. Last major event we did in Lisbon in 2015 was full by the 1st of April with 6 weeks in advance, and even though Tuga IT 2016 is much bigger, the free Saturday is going to get full very fast.

We also have some amazing workshop for 19th and 20th of May 2016:
Thursday, 19th of May:
MPP: Data Warehousing at Scale with SQLDW & APS with James Rowland Jones (Principal PM, Microsoft)
2 Half-Day Workshops for #Office365 with Paolo Pialorsi (MCM & MVP) & Radi Atanasov (MCM)
How to do real-time data on the Micrsoft Azure Platform Properly with Allan Mitchel (MVP)
R in the Microsoft Data Platform with Steph Locke (MVP)

Friday, 20th of May:
The Cloud IT Pro bare essentials with Mike Martin (MVP)
Building the Perfect SharePoint Farm: Infrastructure Best Practices Workshop with Michael Noel (MVP)
What’s new in SQL Server for Developers with Jovan Popovic (Program Manager, Microsoft)
Working with a Supermodel for SharePoint Add-ins with Sonja Madsen (MVP)
Deep Dive Integration with Sandro Pereira (MVP), Steef-Jan Wiggers (MVP) & Nino Crudele (MVP)
Deep walkthrough of some of the most popular/innovative features in SQL Server Storage Engine with Sunil Agarwal (Principal PM, Microsoft)

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