CISL 1.0.4 is released

I am glad to share that the latest version of CISL – Columnstore Indexes Scripts Library 1.0.4 is finally released.

By all means this should be the final release in the 1.0.x series, with the upcoming 1.1.x series to focus on the addition of the maintenance solution and the newest features of SQL Server and Azure SQLDatabase.

This point release brings the following changes:

Alignment.sql: (all versions)
+ Added new parameter for filtering on the schema – @schemaName

Dictionary.sql (all versions)
+ Added new parameter for filtering on the schema – @schemaName

Memory.sql (all versions)
+ Added new parameter for filtering on the schema – @schemaName
* Changed the output from ‘% of Total’ to ‘% of Total Column Structures’ for better clarity
– Fixed error where the delta-stores were counted as one of the objects to be inside Columnstore Object Pool

SQL Server Info.sql (all versions)
+ Added information about each release date and the number of days since the installed released was published

SQL Server Info.sql (SQL Server 2014)
– Fixed bug with displayed results for the newer versions even if they were disabled
+ Added information about CU 4 for SQL Server 2014 SP1 and CU 11 for SQL Server 2014 RTM

Suggested Tables.sql (all versions)
– Buf fixes for the data types of the monitored functionalities, that in certain conditions (multiple advanced functionalities such as replication and CDC) would give an error message
– Bug fix for displaying the same primary key index twice in the T-SQL drop script

Suggested Tables.sql (SQL Server 2014)
– Bug fixes for the Nonclustered Columnstore Indexes creation conditions

Go ahead, download and experiment with this version and leave some feedback here or on the GitHub.
Thank you!

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