SQLSaturday Portugal – I am not the principal organiser anymore

SQLSaturday Porto 2015Unless you have been sleeping under the rock in the past 5 days, if you are a twitter user, you should have definitely seen some of the reactions and pictures from the passed SQLSaturday Portugal Port-Wine edition 2015.

Our second edition in the invincible city of Porto was a great success again and I really happy about it. Speakers, Sponsors,
The truth is that I have not organised this event, Ivan Campos and his team did.
Ivan’s team consisted mainly out of Filipe Coelho, Paulo Correia, Eduardo Piairo & Rui Barreira all did their part to make this event a great success.
I have been an integral part of the team, guiding Ivan into the details and helping him to overcome the hidden stones, but the success of the event is definitely his. All decisions that were made are definitely his and I would love everyone to give major congratulations to Ivan.
It is not easy to start with a 5 track event, that has some major history (Lisbon’s edition was the first international SQLSaturday).

SQLSAT485_webAs I was writing this post, PASS has officially launched SQLSaturday #485 Lisbon. Well, this one will not be organised by me as well. I am guiding one of my team members into becoming a full fledged SQLSaturday Organiser and I will be his guide and support.
It is my responsibility that the organisation will turn a success and I will be putting all my time and support for my team member in order to make it true.

My reasons are very simple – I want to create more leaders, and this can be done by allowing my TUGA fellows to take over my leadership for those 2 events. I will be concentrating on a new event in 2016, the details about it will be made live in the next days.

Important: SQLSaturday #485 Lisbon 2016 will be targeting local Portuguese speakers only and we shall not accept any international speakers.

And so I am definitely not the lead organiser of SQLSaturday anymore, I am helping them to be executed and I am a part of the organisation team, but it’s not my success or responsibility anymore.
I have run the first international SQLSaturday – SQLSaturday #78 in 2011, and I will always take part in them, but I want my team members to show their capability to the world.

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