CISL – Columnstore Indexes Scripts Library, Release 1 (“Ortus”)

CISL - Columnstore Indexes Scripts LibraryI am glad to announce the very first release of the CISL – Columnstore Indexes Scripts Library, with codename “Ortus”.
Go on and download the very first release to find out what it is all about.

This release consists from the following 7 scripts, that are only SQL Server 2014 compatible:

1. SQL Info (sqlserver_instance_info.sql) – Provides with the list of the known SQL Server versions that have bugfixes or improvements over your current version + lists currently enabled trace flags on the instance & session.
2. Suggested Tables (suggested_tables.sql) – Lists tables which potentially can be interesting for implementing Columnstore Indexes.
3. Row Groups (row_groups.sql) – Shows detailed information on the Columnstore Row Groups.
4. Segment Alignment (alignment.sql) – Shows the alignment (ordering) between the different Columnstore Segments.
5. Fragmentation (fragmentation.sql) – Shows the different types of Columnstore Indexes Fragmentation.
6. Dictionaries (dictionaries.sql) – Shows detailed information about the Columnstore Dictionaries.
7. Memory (memory.sql) – Shows the content of the Columnstore Object Pool.

If you are looking for more details, follow straight to the Wiki of the GitHub, where over the next days I will expanding the pages with more examples and workarounds.

Notice, that if you would like to be notified of the major releases, sign up for the announcements (and I promise to keep notification quite low)!

Very special thanks to all beta-testers who provided valuable feedback, and especially to Geoff Patterson, who provided amazing feedback, helping to fix bugs, improve performance and implemente new features.

The official home place of the library is on GitHub, where you can find all releases and current sources.

After a lot of thinking and conversations with my OH22 friends & colleagues and with Jeremiah Peschka & Cédric Charlier providing some very important insights over Twitter, and some email exchange with some future contributors (hopefully), I have decided to license it under Apache 2.0 license.

Try it out and let me know if you think that it is something that might be useful for you one day. :)

CISL – Columnstore Indexes Scripts Library.

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