Announcing Columnstore Indexes Script Library

CISL - Columnstore Indexes Scripts LibraryToday, the 3rd of July 2015 marks the 2rd anniversary of my very first Columnstore Indexes blog post in the series that is going strong for 60 different posts (57 traditional + 3 azure-focused ones) since then.

On this day, I am announcing the creation of the public release of my Columnstore Indexes Scripts LibraryCISL.
The Columnstore Indexes Scripts Library will provide you with a better insight over your indexes behaviour and will help you to determine the causes for the wrong behaviour and performance problems.

For CISL I will be publishing 4 different branches – SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2016 & Azure.
This library will be distributed for free with frequent updates, the right license model is still being evaluated, but hey – we are finally getting there.

Interested ? Sign up for the release announcement.
I am expecting to make a public release somewhere in the begin of the August.

I would like to come back an thank an incredible person who motivated me to start this journey and helped through the first stages of it – Igor Stanko. Huge bow to the person who spent more then enough time in answering my terrible questions and doubts, and simply listening to my feedback – the incredible Sunil Agarwal.
Another thank you goes to Mark Souza, simply because Mark is awesome, and this is all that I can share :) Right moment, right person, right way of handling people – this is all it takes.

Oh well, and of course if you are interested in being one of the beta-testers, let me know :)
I am contacting a number of friends who will are helping me to tune it, and I definitely appreciate more people interested in helping to improve it before the public release.

Sign up for the release announcement of CISL now!

2 thoughts on “Announcing Columnstore Indexes Script Library

  1. Geoff Patterson

    Hi Niko, looking forward to this! I’m happy to participate as a beta tester if you are still looking for more feedback.

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