Speaking at NT Conference 2015 in Slovenia

NT Conference 2015 SloveniaIt is always feels like a great honour to be invited to speak at a big conference, but when this conference is one of the biggest in its respective area and being run for the 20th time – it feels absolutely unreal.

In the case of the NT Conference in Slovenia we are talking about one of those amazingly unreal situations – a conference for 1500 people which has reached it’s 20th edition this year, and the people responsible for the SQL Server content are both very well-known MVPs – Dejan Sarka & Matija Lah. Since the information is already public, I feel like tonight is a right moment to announce that I will be delivering a deep dive session on the Clustered Columnstore – Understanding & Solving Columnstore Problems for SQL Server 2012 & SQL Server 2014.

I have a lot of great things about NT Conference over the past years, I am extremely excited to see this great conference in action – if you are attending, feel free to say high! :)

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