SQLBits XII Recap

SQLBitsThere are different type of events – good ones, great ones, mediocre ones, bad ones & excellent ones.
There is a technological event that is called SQLBits. It’s 12th edition last weekend was a different one.
For me it was the best event ever, technical or non-technical ones including.


This one is really easy – because of how I felt. I judge things based on my feelings, and all together this was the most awesome event experience that I have ever had.
It’s not only about the amazing people I have met there,
it’s not only about the beer’s I have had with good old friends such as Dejan Sarka, Scott Klein, Brent Ozar and many others,
it’s not event about the beer’s I have had with new friends such as Gerhard Brueckl,
it’s not about those amazing helpers that highlighted every second of the event – working their bottom’s off in order to make everything work close to perfection,
it’s not even about the organisers who probably almost killed themselves to make all crazy arrangements,
it’s not about the most amazing event party ever (Helter Skelter, did you missed that?),
it’s not about the attendees – I almost lost my senses of happiness when my Saturday session attendees were really ready for a 400 level dive into Columnstore (I happen to have people coming to deep dive without even knowing the basic topic),
it’s not about the sessions – (I have truly learned some interesting stuff from likes of Chris Adkins, Stephanie Locke, Grant Fritchey),
it’s not about the sponsors – some of whom were amazingly warm and talking with them was such a fun. I have discovered some great new software, such as Pyramid Analytics
it’s not about the workshop on In-Memory Technologies in SQL Server that together with Andreas Wolter, I have co-delivered a on Thursday which had 41 attendees, and judging by the number of questions, the kind words, as well as the email numbers – I count it as a major success professionally,
it’s not that it was my first SQLBits (and I have presented there before),

It’s about community,
it’s about the base thoughts and efforts,
it’s about an event that brought everything together at once.

Just think about the basis concept:
1st day – good money for amazing training which is incomparably impossible to get in a real life for the same amount,
2nd day – deep dives for almost nothing; you can feel that you are also contributing to the free community day, and by the way if you are coming to community day, than you are actually paying half the price of the 2 day training ;)
3rd day – community day, for Free!

I am hungry for more.

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