Announcing SQLSaturday #341 Porto-wine Edition

SQLSaturday PortoI am extremely proud to announce that we are officially working on the SQLSaturday in the second biggest city in Portugal – Oporto.
We are unofficially baptising our event as SQLSaturday Porto-wine Edition, since as everyone knows Porto is home base for the world famous port wine. :)
With that we want to let everybody know that even though it will be our first SQLSaturday in Oporto, we are going to invest very seriously into the event quality, at least equaling the Lisbon editions.
Actually I quite honestly expecting this edition to be a superior for both attendees as well as our speakers, since Oporto being such an amazingly welcoming city (I simply LOVE being there and for some time I actually dreamed about moving there).
We are going to break ourselves apart but we are going to make it truly remarkable. The details of course shall not be revealed until later stage. :)

ISEPOn 18th of October 2014 at ISEP we shall be making our very first major event at the Invincible City. We are going to rock the northern Portugal.
ISEP is an amazing University with great accessibility for any type of transportation (public and private)
We are targeting 300 people attending our 3 tracks where we shall have Development, Database Development/Administration and Business Intelligence as the principal topics.
with Development being not SQL Server related and it shall be managed by the leading developers community in Portugal – NetPonto.

Attention speakers – we are accepting sessions until the 1st of July only. In order to let our speakers to get tickets in advance, we are closing session submission in just over 3 weeks, and as I am writing this post we have already over 20 sessions submitted.

PortoHosting a nice international airport, the city of Porto has amazing connection to Lisbon by the virtue of the fast trai , where for a very reasonable price you can have a comfortable place to work and relax, enjoying wi-fi or

Did I mention that we pretend to put a massive campaign to promote it? :)
Maybe the fact that before we start first announcements 10% of the registrations are already gone …

Sign up now for SQLSaturday Porto 2014!

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