Co-Delivering a full-day precon on SQLBits

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 19.45.24This week I have got some very exciting news – together with Andreas Wolter I will be delivering a full-day precon at the biggest European Microsoft Data Platform Conference – SQLBits.
On 17th of July 2014 we shall be delivering a full day training on the In-Memory Technologies in SQL Server.
Andreas will be talking about XTP (aka Hekaton) and I will deliver my experience with Clustered Columnstore Indexes.

This is a one huge honour and we are both excited over the top!
To grasp the reason behind the joy just take a look at the list of the SQLBits pre cons, and you shall see some living legends of the Microsoft Data Platform, such as Itzik Ben-Gan, Dejan Sarka, Marco Russo, Brian Knight, Adam Jorgensen, John Welch;
leading specialist in their respective areas – Jen Stirrup, Alan Hirt, Dave Ballantyne and David Morrison
and us. :)
Humbled. Extremely Humbled. This is how I feel.

Actually, this shall be our second precon, after an amazing success at the biggest German SQL Server Conference, where our precon was sold out, we are looking forward to make the best we can in delivering fresh information on 2 of the most exciting features of SQL Server.

Sign up now and see you in Telford, UK!

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