Tribes by Seth Godin

Since in my personal plan I am trying to implement for 2014 is reading a book each month, so here is the book that I have read in January: Tribes by Seth Godin

811WpuS2srL._SL1500_I have been following Seth Godin for a number of years – his blog posts are inspirational and both of the books of his that I have read are really awesome: The Purple Cow and All Marketers are Liars.

This time I decided to catch up with one of the most famous and talked about book of him – Tribes.

It took under 48 hours of real life to read this book. When I enjoy doing something, it flows really well and fast, and I still remember reading The Mysterious Island under 3 days while going to school. :)

The book is amazing without any shadow no doubt. I am still wondering how sometimes I manage to avoid those books, that everybody is keep on talking about. :)
Tribes are about some very essential things in life: changes, leadership and fear. To make some necessary change one have to lead and have no fear.
For leadership one needs to have some idea way bigger then any possible dream. I would even say – it has to be almost impossible, practically unreachable,
but then just how much fun it would be to reach for it. How much effort and sweat should be spent to do something good ? As much as possible. As much as our world needs.
Because it will be worth it. If you don’t believe in it – than take a look at 1000+ members of SQLPort and SQLSaturday Portugal, but my dreams are a little bit bigger,
and no way I am sharing everything about them here. Ask Paulo Borges & Paulo Matos :)
Small steps.
Step by step.
Stay hungry, as Steve Jobs put it ;)

I feel that I have presented on the same content in the past couple of years – example are my lightning talks at PASS Summit (2011,2012) and SQLBits(2013).
For me there are no ground-breaking things in it, but I am happy to see somebody delivering the message of joy of sharing and true leading to the general public.
Job well done, Seth — I am looking for more!

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