Presenting at PASS Business Analytics Conference 2014

PASS Business Analytics Conference 2014 Edition will be held in San Jose, CA, USA. This will be the 2nd edition of this new type of event that PASS is organizing. I was at the 1st edition in Chicago and that was an amazing event which has set a very high standard on this new type of conferences and so I am extremely happy to be there in 2014.

Today I have got an email from PASS saying that me & my good friend Scott Stauffer were selected to present there. I cannot deny that I was jumping full of joy after reading this news.
We shall deliver an incredibly useful and serious session on Managing Your Alibi with Social Media. I am very grateful to those brave people who decided to entrust us with the mission of helping to organize the social defense strategies for the community. :)

Be ready for a full hour of geospatial data exploration by using Microsoft BI Platform. Join us to discover the meaning of your recent bar & coffee shops visits in order to organize an eventual explanation should you be asked for one by your boss or your family.

I am also incredibly glad to share that OH22 has 4 speakers at Business Analytics conference: Julian Breunung, Oliver Engels, Tillmann Eitelberg & me.

Oliver Engels and Tillmann Eitelberg will be delivering a session on Web Analytics with Microsoft BI, which is very logical since Tillmann is the author of the incredibly awesome and useful Google Analytics SSIS plugin and a brand new version is coming very soon! ;)
Julian Breunung and Oliver Engels will be speaking on the differences between 3 of the most popular analytics languages in “M versus P versus R

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