Leaving PASS HQ

The news are out and as of yesterday – I will be leaving PASS HQ on the 25th of October of 2013.

It was a great experience for me, but it is time to go. Like in every job, like everything in life – there were some great moments and there were less great moments, but there is no drama, no hidden message.

Most importantly is that I am still here, staying with PASS Community as a volunteer like I always was. I am still leading SQLPort (Portuguese PASS Chapter) and helping with BITuga (Portuguese BI PASS Chapter), and I am still the lead organizer for the amazing SQLSaturday Portugal and let me tell you – we are working to make it very very special stuff, which we as always not disclose. ;)
You will need to be there to experience it.

I made some good friends at PASS HQ and I am looking to stay in touch with them for the years to come. I have learned new things about processes, people, and management. This was a rewarding experience and I am happy to have made it.

I do not know exactly where I will be working at, but I am already working right now on sorting it out as soon as possible. :)

Feel free to visit me at the Community Zone at the PASS Summit 2013. This event is right about to rock Microsoft Data Platform world ;)

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