SQLRally Nordic 2012

IMG_2138SQLRally Nordic is one of the biggest SQL Server related events in Europe. Organised by a couple of very capable volunteers Raoul Illyes and Johan Ahlen this event is the biggest event that PASS is organising in Europe. Labeled as a European Nordic event, it seems that the tradition is to organise it in Sweden and Denmark, changing the location on different years.

IMG_2135This year the event was organised in Copenhagen, Denmark and I was extremely glad when one of my sessions was accepted. I was deeply honoured to be selected to present there.

I was quite surprised by the interest that apparently my session has created – because all the available places were taken and people were standing near the walls and some even sitting on the floor. My session on “Dynamic SSIS Packages generation” as a matter of fact was picked a number of times in 2012, but the most unforgettable of all the presentation for me was at the SQL Rally Nordic in 2012.

Once again I have meet so many good old friends like Hugo Kornelis, Neil Hambly, between others and also manages to get to know a good number of very interesting people from the #sqlFamily, like the organisers themselves – Johan and Raoul, and others like Leonard Lobel, Steve Simon.

I have managed to attend a good number of sessions – I definitely could not have missed some of the sessions by the likes of Connor Cunningham or Thomas Kejser.

All the event organisation for the speakers was absolutely top notch – starting from the speaker dinner and the small excursion on the bus through Copenhagen, and inclusive the amazing speaker gift and all in all relationship to the organisation team.
I am definitely writing this event as the very best event I have ever been to. The location, the number of attendance were exactly right ~450 is when it feels big but at the same time not too big, when you still able to find quickly any person you are looking for, when each and every thing looks well organised and right on time – then this is the SQLRally Nordic. :)

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