The new GIMP

The brand new version of the GIMP is already available on It seems that i was a kind of sleeping for the last month or so, since i completely missed this so much awaited and needed release. The 2.4 Version has been released on the 24th of October bringing all the changes that were made during the last couple of years by the GIMP developers. The most important of them for me are:

  • Scalable brushes – one can finally scale brushes while editing the photos, it has been a pain doing it without this feature
  • Selection resizing – you will wonder how have you lived all this years without it
  • Foreground select tool – yes yes yes !! no more suffering watching Photoshop users doing it on a instant basis
  • New crop tool – no more “keyboarding” for a simple operations

One thing i am very excited to see if the GIMP developers has managed to improve the color handling – in a lot of situations it was quite disastrous in the previous versions (2.2), but hey i am so grateful for having the Gimp that i am not whining, really =O)

The only missing thing at this moment is the absence of the MAC OS X port of the GIMP 2.4 version. The latest release available is still the 3rd release candidate. If you are an open source user and you are doing some visual stuff from time to time then you do not wish to miss this release.

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