Goumi Lda

A new website for Goumi Lda went online a couple of minutes ago. Goumi Lda aka Kromos Urbanos is a firm, which creates completely customized furniture. Basically they will turn your inspiration into a piece of furniture that you wish – should it be a lamp or a bed or anything else. But its better to see (visit) one time then to read or hear ten thousand times.

Goumi is actually a rare tropical fruit, which can be found in places almost all around the world. Just by watching the results of Goumi’s work, you will understand that. I hope that they are really going to fill their portfolio with the images of their work, because i expect them to have a great future. No, it is not a promotion, but as for me – i know where i am going to get some furniture for my future house =O)

The site of Goumi was created using XHTML 1.0 strict and CSS 2.1. Also there is a “small” flash animation on the, which was quite easier to do in flash then in XHTML. I did my best to make this site working in 800×600 since viewing the statistics of this resolution usage in Portugal made me thing on this subject, but i am still considering that some of the things are not the way they should be, but when you have some big images, there are not many ways of making site 100% fluid while not breaking one thing or another in HTML.

There are two other projects, which are on their way to be published in the next weeks, i hope.

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