Safari for Windows

Apple has announced a big bomb during this year WWDC keynote – they are implementing a version of their flagship browser Safari for Windows. I know that this sound crazy, because we have already got 3 major browsers in the market – IE, Firefox and Opera, so now the last of the Mohicans is coming to Windows platform !!! What is even more surprising, is that beta version is already available for download. The beta version of Safari browser for windows, which is available for download, is just a first step, because Apple is promising to deliver the final version in October, together with a release for all OS X versions that matter (included in Leopard, as well as a free download for the Tiger – OS X 10.4). Thism i hope will help bringing web designers to care more about OS X, since they will not have any excuses about not being able to test how it looks there: Firefox is already available for both platforms, and Safari will be as well. May be this is one of the main ideas about bringing Safari to Windows, because besides iTunes (which is a cash cow for Apple), i do not remember much Apple applications available for Windows. This also may help the future iPhone users to feel at home even on Windows platform, and web designers test their applications for it, because iPhone is going to run on OS X, and the only browser available there at the time of release will be Safari.

Entering a market, which is about to be filled almost to its maximum capacity (i would say about 95% wont easily change their browser), it takes a lot of strength and confidence. These are hot times for the browsers, and what i hope, is that Safari is going to make this entrance a strong commitment.

I am taking a look at Safari right at this very moment, and even if it would be one of the worst browser on the market, even if it would be source of jokes, Apple deserve such a big credit for not being afraid and for trying. I am taking my hat and taking a big bow.

Guys, you won a great deal of respect for me once again, and even if you are not nr 1 on the market, for me you are.

p.s. but sincerely, i am not an Apple fan-boy. =O) hehe

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