New Chama Talento webshop

Today, I have finished implementing some updates and a new online shop for Chama Talento and it should go live on Monday afternoon GMT, if everything is alright and no serious bugs will be found during the weekend testing. =O)

There are a lot of changes introduction of the “running news” and the flash news on the main page, privacy policy area, and the most important one is at the shop: the product hierarchy – from having only categories and products, the shop is now having much more complicated one: categories -> subcategories -> products -> versions. Besides that, each product version will have a lot of different options to choose: color, width, size or material for example. Chama Talento is surely becoming one of the finest shoes shops in Lisbon(Portugal) area.

Some of the other introduced changes are: inclusion of 7 subcategories (Dance shoes, Flamenco, Dance-Hall shoes, etc) with a more detailed shop products description and a lot of images. This site is getting better with each update, but still i am thinking about a lot of usability and accessibility changes which should be done, if the client would agree. Maybe with the next update some of them will find a way into the Chama Talento site.

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