Apple MacBook Pro

In the next couple of days, i am looking into finally getting a MacBook Pro (MA610LL), my very first Mac. Through my life i have owned quite a number of computers, (and still have) but never had owned any Apple hardware, so i decided that now it is the right time to make this move, as i really need a notebook, and i do not see myself using a pc-based one.

So after long months of thoughts i think i am ready getting one of those beauties, the one in the middle of the line (MA610LL), with 2GB or ram, and 256MB of video – anything less is not to be considered seriously. As for processor speed, i think one can be really satisfied with a Intel’s Core Duo 2, at any clock speed available. I do not wish something too big to be transported, that’s why 15” is more then enough for me, i would even consider ultra-portable (something like 13” or 12”) if there would be one from the Apple. With that hardware i count for a good couple of years, which this notebook MacBook will serve me well. =O)

I am excited to start working on Os X, since i have no big Os X experience, but at the same time, i have had quite some time working with the NEXTStep at the university, and i have always referred to that experience even while submitting my CV in the “windows world”, i think that the most of the people have not had any idea about what it is … =O) hehe

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