Into the great wide 2007

Being just a few days into 2007 i feel this new year is a kind of a turning point in a lot of the things for me – there are so many new projects that i am going to dedicate myself. As usual, most probably, i am not going to implement everything that i dream of (there are way too many dreams), and no doubt, that i will not have the time that i wish to relax and spend more time with my family and my friends, but i will certainly have some professional success (even if it will be so small, that i would be almost ashamed to talk about it), and i will have more quality and quantity time with my family and friends. =O)

I am going to publish a new research this month and in February i am going to make a new version of the portwatch, to see the progress and if something is changing in the quality of websites of local municipalities. Certainly, I am also going to make much more projects directly for internet and will be able to put my name on my work, not like in the past. No doubt, that the liberty that i am going to have this year, will allow me to spend more time near my loved ones.

This is going to be a great year… =O)

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