Sun opens Java … or does it ?

Sun has finally decided to open Java to the community – may be a concurrence from microsoft with .NET made them finally do it, may be even someone inside have finally realized, that it is the best way to help java grow, i don’t know, but i have no doubt at all that it is a good idea. “Free Range” as they have called this announcement, for which i have been waiting for a … ghm … let me see … a LOT of years … GNU General Public License (GPL) is the license which is being used by Sun, which is a very good solution, in my opinion. Both Java SE(JDK) and Java Micro Edition are released under it, when my favorite JEE is still being under Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL), though sun is promising to move it under GPL as well.
But wait a second is Java really free, cause it seems improbable …

From Sun’s site:
Are you open sourcing the Java language or the Java SE platform specifications?
We are not open sourcing the Java programming language, nor the platform APIs and specifications, which are governed by the JCP. We’re open sourcing Sun’s implementations of the Java SE and Java ME specifications.

No, java language is still a closed source (remember, microsoft is watching you), but Java’s implementation – JDK is going to be released under GPL, which will allow creation of alternative java implementations.

Having started working with java somewhere between 1997 and 1998 (yeap, the good old java 1 with AWT and the rest of the wagon), seeing one or two bettas of JAVA 2 with the swing, and then impatiently waiting each month for a newer versions, testing betas, writing applications, fixing the bugs … Java made a long journey with me during all those years, until 2005 when i have switched myself more to .NET. Right now i am looking to get back in touch with java and explore more of the stuff released recently … One thing i was really missing all those years was a reasonable hosting for JSP, maybe with all those announcements and the buzz, more hosting providers will open the doors to java, it is certainly deserves it.

and for the last … Open JDK … i am excited to see some alternative java implementations in the nearest future … This is a way to go …

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