Firefox 2.0

Just in the current “trends” of the web, mozilla, after long testing, has released a new version of firefox. It seems, that everyone is going 2.0 (my work’s application, skype and even “web”), so probably mozilla decided to follow it … just kidding … =OP. Also a week ago, after 5 long years we have finally enjoyed getting a better version of internet explorer 7 (waiting for Safari 3.0 and Opera 9.1 to compare them all). There are pretty exciting times around ! A lot of work and testing – i like it this way =O)

I have to confess that i was pretty skeptical about this new release, cause it seemed to me, that increasing the 0.5 of a number was not really justificated, in the practical terms – boy i was wrong… From the marketing point of view it was a very well planned step – a big number difference, 1 week after IE7 release to help to compare the browsers and to make some news. =O) Well it is already making a lot of news, with 3 or more slashdot postings in just a one or two days… Well done, marketing !

  • Stability and Speed – from the very first moment are the things to notice. Much less memory, better garbage collection, Lightning bolt startup. Amazing !
  • Dictionary – fantastic !!! even while writing this article i was using it. Extremely useful and very well implemented
  • Improved usability – no doubt, good job and well done. I am still analyzing some of the improvements, but with no doubt some things were really necessary. Addons, Options, Tabs all deserving a very good notes
  • Visual Redesign – very nice, good icons, a kind of a “modern silver” look – not really much to write about =O)
  • Anti-fishing – every home user favorite and following the trends of the market( see IE7 Opera and Safari )

From the things i am going to try out tomorrow are:

  • Feeds
  • Javascript 1.7 – having a lot of interest in it – this little =O) is going to be viewed with a lot of care in the following days
  • Session Restore – never tried plugins for elder firefox version, but going to try it out
  • SVG text – sounds good, i am a fan of SVG … Was badly disappointed that IE7 has no support for it
  • Client-side session and persistent storage – sounds exciting

A big bow once again to Mozilla developers, you have made a beautiful job !

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