Chama Talento

A new page is being created by collaboration with Scatti Design and its called in portuguese “Chama Talento” – in english it translates something like “Pick a Talent”. It is going to be a small store in the center of the Lisbon, selling ropes and shoes for the artists and dancers. I think that we made pretty nice site, and though there are several important things are missing and the shop is still not ready, i belive than in the next 10 days, everything is going to be fine and working.

I am considering of moving the 1.0 Transitional type to the 1.0 Strict, after reading several pages on the net about their reasons to move away from the transitional Dtds. I totally agree with such arguments and as i was caught by this idea in the middle of the work for this site, i still decided to finish it this way (i aint got much time for sudden changes), but as i will get some time, i wish to make the move.

In the mean time if you are dancing flamenco or thinking about starting to dance and need some shoes or ropes – check them out.

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