Google Web Authoring Statistics

Google Web Authoring Statistics – are: nice, cool, interesting, useful & unusable, advanced (SVG), ignorant (no alternative solutions), fascinating (information).

First of all of course, as usual for Google (insert here a sad smile), – no doctype for those pages was found, at least no valid one. And then, no real alternative for firefox – i am strongly supporting the firefox, but not at the price of destroying everything else by not providing any alternative at all. Its a shame, that such imaginative company as Google, has had no ideas (?) about accessibility while doing such statistics. Safari, i have tried on this page has crashed (with the latest “panther” installed) – not nice, not nice at all, Opera 8.51 shows black squares instead of any useful graphics, Adobe SVG Viewer with IE has not provided any reasonable result, to talk about. And by the way, the only firefox versions to view the graphics are 1.5+, that means that a very big part of the firefox users are also not capable of viewing any result (SVG was included only since the 1.5 release).

They could have provided some alternative – images or text, why ignore more then 80% of the web users ? Very strange move, i have to say, and a pretty weird one. Anyway – from what i have managed to see inside those results – a majority of the pages are still “made with tables”, more then 50% of the <background>’s have “bgcolor” attribute, more then 80% of the scripts are have attribute “language”, and my favourite one – “A scary number of pages use <table gridx=”” gridy=”” showgridx=”” showgridy=””>, not to mention the multitude of <csscriptdict>, <csactiondict>, and <csobj> elements.” (see for yourself )

I hope that one day, the majority of the web developers will start looking at the WCAG, and at the other web standards, but until that day … enjoy the titles like “best viewed with not your browser“.

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