Intranet & Extranet

Today i have helped solving some CSS problems for some intra & extranet sites for some big company. I was impressed by the quality of the code. Tables & Tables, no divs the most of the styles are still attributes with likes of style=”color: blue;”. Faaantastic … A person making this sites were impressed by the use of the !important rule, and in my turn i am impressed by the knowledge of the html, css & web standards. I mean even right know here nobody is giving a damn about the browsers, other then IE. Oh, it does not work in Gecko-based browsers ? Ok, but who does not have an Explorer installed on their computer ? ( hello to all the linux users ). Some of the city halls of Portugal have the “privilege” of using the sites created by the company where i am working (hello to all the users of this sites). I am thinking in organizing a small presentation of how the work should be done, maybe somebody will start moving into the direction of the standards, at least a person who i am helping allready suggested that i should do this.
As much as i dislike the Microsoft politics, the most people around me, and especially the responsable for the strategic decisions here are looking forward to each and every Microsoft product, ignoring any open source alternative decisions. Anyway i am having projects with .NET and even though i would prefer any alternative project there are none of them available in the nearest future.

I was looking at the forums of one european software company which produces digital signature software and i am deeply impressed by the fact, that as it should provide the best security for the users, the first and only available platform is windows. I hope that in the future there will be more solutions, and i think that each and everyone should do their best to offer alternatives.

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