“Open” People

A few days ago i have had a very interesting conversation with a person, who does not reboot her computer, because of the trial version of the Microsoft Office installed there. I was a kind of “frightened” by the reasons that drove her of ignoring alternative solutions. When asked her about an Open Office she said – “Oh no ! Not that thing, i have allready tried it once and it didnt felt like Microsoft Office, so i dont liked it. And what about Outlook, can i have it there ? No its not good”. I have thought “ok, lets give it one more try” =O) So when i tried to tell her that there programs like Thunderbird to replace the Outlook, which have good usability and even at the company where i am working some people are using it – she didnt wanted to listen at all. She said “At home my husband has installed this things”. When i tried to ask her to tell me the names of any of this “things”, the conversation has been stopped by “oh forget it ..”.

Are you still reading ? Let me tell you that this person is a “web designer”, and a lot of sites has passed through her hands in the recent years, and because our company has a good success on the market, even more sites in the neares future are going to have this magic touch… =O( Ofcourse for her the best and the only good browser is an Internet Explorer, so people with other “things” should be aware that there are “webmasters” which are “caring” about them…

That has happend in a software company … I mean i am scared and flattered. If i a person who is spending the most time of the day in front of the computer has this ideas, how many of “them” should be out there in the open ?

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