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If you wish to contact me, then the best way to do it – is to write me at this address: niko [at] nikoport

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  1. Priyadarshi Alok

    I have Visual Studio 2008 version 9 and .Net Frame work 4 on 64 Bit Window 7 Operating System

    As per the installatoin of Google Analytics Step

    I have install the .ddl in below mention folder using Gacutil.exe
    all the dll are installed correctly in following location:



    And then i copied these all dlls in following folder :

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\100\DTS\PipelineComponents

    and refreshed the SSIS tool box using command :

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE>devenv /ResetSettings

    But Still GoogleAnalytics Source is not visible in my SSIS ToolBook Pane.

    Please help me ,where installion step is missing .

  2. Tom

    Hi Nico,
    I’m confused by when to use MAXDOP option when you create or drop CCI.


    DROP INDEX [IndexName] ON [TableName] WITH ( ONLINE = OFF, MAXDOP = 1)

    Question 1) Do I get same results in the end, if I use MAXDOP=1 or MAXDOP=8?, or not using the MAXDOP at all?
    I heard somewhere that using MAXDOP=1 when you creating CCI will get better Clustering.

    Question 2) Do you want better Clustering to get better query performance?
    Question 3) Performance Issues with MAXDOP=1.

    If I use MAXDOP=1 option when you create or drop CCI, it takes long time to process.
    6 hours to create CCI with MAXDOP=1, and 2 hours to drop CCI with MAXDOP=1

    If I use MAXDOp=8 option when you create or dorp CCI, process is much faster then using MAXDOP=1
    1 hour to create CCI with MAXDOP=8, and 25mins to drop CCI with MAXDOP=8

    If my SQL server can handle the CCI Create and Drop with MAXDOP=8 or more, should I be using higer MAXDOP?

    Thanks for your help

    1. Niko Neugebauer Post author

      Hi Tom,

      First of all you will need to use DROP_EXISTING = ON while re-creating a Columnstore Index over the Clustered rowstore one.
      Do not drop Columnstore Index, it makes no sense. Create a Rowstore index with DROP_EXISTING = ON ordering data on the most frequently used column, and then re-create a Columnstore Index with DROP_EXISTING = ON.

      1. You will find the detailed explanations here on the Segment Clustering:
      2. Yes, it will help to get better segment elimination and thus will allow to read & process less data while getting the same results.
      3. MAXDOP = 1 is slow.
      Using MAXDOP = 8 makes your server using 8 cores, so it should be much faster … 🙂

      Please read this article
      and let me know if something is still not clear.

      Best regards,
      Niko Neugebauer

  3. Mauricio Orellana

    Hello Niko
    a query: SSRS Report Generator 1.8 apparently task does not support exporting to Excel .xlsx format.

    Any advice to achieve this goal?

    Stay tuned.

  4. Ramya

    Hi Niko,

    I am facing problem with a simple select query which involves three tables with clustered columnstore index on them. For every 15 mins, there is a ETL load running and one of the three tables gets truncated each time before new rows get inserted. This leaves the rowgroup to be open and query becomes too slow.

    It will run fine if I run rebuild index and update stats on tables.
    The problem is we are unable to run rebuild index and update stats for every 15 mins. I wanted to know your thoughts on this and if there is anyway this problem can be avoided.


  5. Dale Wilson

    Hi Niko,

    I attended your Columnstore Indexes – from basics to optimised analytics at SQLBits.

    Please could you send me your slides from the training day?

    Many thanks,


  6. Nadir

    Hi Niko,
    I also attend your precon session on SQLBits, could you share the slides and the script please !
    Your help is mush appreciated !

  7. Nadir

    Hi Niko,
    I also attended your precon session on SQLBits 2016, could you share the slides and the script please !
    Your help is mush appreciated !

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