Joining W3C HTML working group

As Ian Hickson has suggested, i will try to join W3C HTML working group, though i do not consider myself a big expert in this area, i have certainly read a couple of W3C’s documents and as a software developer and a project manager, i have had a lot of things to do with specifications based on the W3C standards. The most important thing about working in such group should be a common sense and being more or less reasonable which i hope to be. =O) HTML and xHTML represent a very big interest for me, all web design is based on them and there are so many elements and functionalities that all web developers are missing.

I have already completed the first step by signing to the W3C’s page requesting an access to the reserved area, so theoretically in the next couple of days i should receive some response from them, and hopefully they will allow me to proceed and to join the HTML group.

One thought on “Joining W3C HTML working group

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